Maintenance & Reliability Specialists for Rotating Equipment

Optimotive Technical Services Ltd. was formed to provide rotating equipment technical support to the oil and gas, and power generation industries.

In an effort to drive down costs and survive in a tight economic market, “in house” technical support has been minimized or eliminated by many companies. Without oversight, well oiled maintenance programs erode over time. The result is a regression from a proactive to reactive maintenance environment. Production revenue and worker safety are exposed to increased operational risk. Cost savings through staff reductions are offset by high maintenance costs, poor reliability and production loss.

Is there a balance? Is there a way to support various engineering disciplines and keep an effective maintenance program with minimum staff?

The answer is yes! Optimotive was established to allow access to experienced people who know and understand oil and gas facility rotating equipment and maintenance.

Simply put, we’re about helping you get the most out of equipment by avoiding the high cost of failure while maintaining a safe work environment. To do this, along with best practices, we use all the predictive and preventative maintenance tools available to ensure maximum service life at the lowest reasonable cost…hence the “Optimotive” name.